Janur Bungalow

 Janur Bungalow is located in Borobudur in the region of Central Java, just 29km from Yogyakarta and around 2,7km from Borobudur temple.

 Janur Bungalow is in the middle of ricefield and local village surrounded by Menoreh mountains Which can offer amazing nature experience. 

Janur Bungalow was inspired by tropical beachfront bungalows of Lombok I love. Janur means 'Young Coconut Leaf' in Javanese language.  

Now We have 5 wooden bungalows.

Our bungalows designed by me and my wife are designed to blend in Javanese cultures and the surrounding atmosphere of the Borobudur village surrounded by rice paddies while preserving the characteristics of tropical beach bungalows. We built beach front style bungalow and Java Traditional Bungalow.  We made everything by ourselves from the design to some of decoration items such as chair, lightning pendant, wall deco etc. including gardening and some painting too. We are not professional architects or designers. We just designed our bungalows with love and what we like.

 Especially, Our Deluxe and Premium Bungalow are originally from some local's old Javanese house in Purworjo of Central Java. We bought some old wooden house and knocked down  the original house and We picked out some useful woods. Some of rose wood sticks are more than 100 years old. We kept it and could be our main sticks for that room. We added handmade bamboo roof and some of handmade decor items by ourselves and added the gorgeous color What We like. So this 2 of Javanese Bungalows are the reinterpretation of traditional model in a modern sense of us.

 The most important goal We think is to give exotic and tropical experience We love to you. We love to plant so many kind of tropical tree such as Plumeria, Hibiscus, Cactus, Coconut, Banana, Mango, Papaya, Jackfruit etc. In terms of sharing daily life of local, We planted so many plants that often found in local's house including ornamental plants. We hope you can enjoy our natural garden.

 You can enjoy the Volcano Sumbing view and Chicken Church view in front of your terrace. You can reach to Pottery village 'Karanganyar' supported by UNESCO by walk from Janur Bungalow.  

Thus,  If you love the nature and to learn the different culture, during your staying, You can enjoy exotic local life, farm life, traditional cultures of Java around our village through cycling or short trekking or communication with local people in the street besides visiting Borobudur temple. Travelling 'Like a local' can be a good way to experience new culture at this village.

We can offer Village Experience by walk as Sustainable tourism with professional guide. This can offer the experience about our local village including local's daily life&culture&nature.

Welcome to this beautiful Borobudur village and Janur bungalow.

*Our 2nd pool renovation is done on 23th Sep 2019.
*Room price include welcome drink&Breakfast
*Janur Bungalow was introduced as one of 10 of the best sustainable hotels in South-East Asia by the Guardian UK in the January 2019 issue.

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