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Village tour by walk

You can explore our neighbour village by walk. The best way to meet the local culture and beautiful nature around here.

Hidden temple tour

Hidden temple terraced rice field. It takes around 1 hours by car from my place

Pottery village

There is the Pottery village 'Karanganyar' supported by UNESCO 5minutes away  by walk from Janur Bungalow. 

Coconut class

Learning 'All about the coconut' at Janur Bungalow. 

Sukmojoyo hill tour

This is one of Sunrise point around my village

Mongkrong hill tour

This is one of sunrise point around my village

Waisak ceremony at Borobudur temple

Waisak(-Buddha day) is the biggest annual ceremony at Borobudur temple. You can join the pilgrimage with the Monks and folllowers from around the world  from Mentut temple till Borobudur temple in the afternoon and join in 'Lampion(-releasing the lanterns)'  to pray for peace in the mid-night.